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The five most popular Rolex kelpy

“Lost” is the Replica Rolex Watches oyster perpetual submariner (SUBMARINER). Published in 1953, is the world’s first water depth of 100 meters (330 feet) of the watch, then waterproof up to 300 meters. Exposure to the sea, it is divers indispensable tool; in the midst of the land is widely respected and show the elegant style of the sports watch.

Rolex submariner type series 116610LV calendar green disk watch, also known as “the green ghost”, launched in 2010, its characteristics lies in the watch surface to PVD coated with a “green gold” coating, and the ratio of the green gold material was a secret. Good bold designs for Rolex stick to the traditional brand, is a great innovation, green ghost since the launch will undoubtedly become the one of the Rolex, one of the most popular products, attracted a large number of Rolex submariner, table fans in hot pursuit of the crazy and due to this table only has one group of, replaced by it under a group is exactly the same shape and function of Blackwater ghost, making this watch has a very high collection value. So, when a green ghost appears in front of you, must make a prompt decision, immediately take.
116610LV green ghost material is stainless steel 904L and has very good corrosion resistance; and his table mirror is sapphire crystal glass, strong wear resistance. This “green ghost” dial for most people is a more difficult to control the color, but for the pursuit of fashion, personality is very worthy of collection.
Calendar: 116610LV “green ghost” this watch blue crystal on the surface of the stone add window convex lens showed a and instantaneous change calendar display, in the zero point of every moment jump date, with small window convex lens make the date clear and accurate presentation in front of the user. Instantaneous change calendar is one of the major features of the, high air tightness watchcase and convex mirror display allows the user to dive or movement in clear and easy to observe the date.
Rotating bezel: this table collocation one-way rotation of the outer ring precise marked scales, Shun clockwise rotation table circle the table circle triangle scale minute hand alignment, the scale to show the computation time ashore.
Waterproof: strengthen the airtight case make this watch is waterproof to 300M, scuba diving and outdoor sports.
Fluorescent coating: scales and pointers are covered with a fluorescent coating, make people both in the dark at night or in the deep sea can clearly see the time. And one-way rotating dial with accurate scale display can be convenient to calculate the time difference.
This Rolex 116610LV watch table using a classic Rolex 3135 automatic mechanical movement, 3135 is Rolex series is the most common movement, accurate travel time and stable, automatic chain also eliminating the need for users to some trouble every day, just need to wear more than 8 hours, to store enough kinetic energy.


Blackwater ghost is great vacancy to fill the green ghost in the market and the launch of the section of the table, but it wasn’t a “black gold”, but the black ceramic.
Rolex watch for scuba diving success thanks to several breakthroughs in technological innovation, including Rolex exclusive new case structure of RinglockSystem, it ensures watches in the deep calm under tremendous pressure. Specially designed for the most demanding professional divers. In addition, the other three excellent watch components for the realization of the table section of the superior power performance: it high performance stainless steel ring is arranged in the blue crystal and case cover, ensure the glass case and cover easily withstand tremendous pressure; the blue crystal glass surface micro arched and specific table section of the glass surface is more thick in the other oyster and other compressive ability to multiply; case cover used has a very high resistance resistance made of titanium alloy, and with excellent performance of 904L stainless steel ring is fixed.
Rolex dive watch can meet the needs of professional divers to strong, accurate and reliable the ultimate demand. Strap assembly with double expansion system, allowing adjustable strap length to watch worn on the 7 mm thick wetsuit and easy to wear. Double expansion system equipped with including: Oyster discount telescopic link and a new GLIDELOCK buckle, the strap length of fine tuning. Platoon helium valve to the extraordinary performance of 904L stainless steel is made, its size and case diameter perfectness, so tightly bonding and guarantee perfect excellent waterproof performance. Equipped with this safety device, in the process of gas into the deep sea diving watches can be discharged from the watch in the diving decompression. While the three locking winding crown with three independent sealing washer, fasten down can further improve its waterproof performance is excellent.
Type is the classic diving watch hunter, is also the same type meter model. Exposure to the sea, it is divers indispensable tool; in the midst of the land is widely respected and show the elegant style of the sports watch.


Rolex blue is blue dial Hymenocallis, Rolex submariner’s blue dial, type 116613LB. Case continued the Rolex submariner series watch classic elements, but it is the most important. It adopts the people in front of a bright blue dial, both luxury and texture of the gold steel (a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct Gold) three rows of chain link bracelet. And use the Rolex proud the 3135 movement, not only make the watch look beautiful, and the performance is relatively stable, well deserved “once and for all.”
Rolex traditional oyster shell on it the perfect show, a one-way rotary 60 minutes an outer scale, with anti scratch damage Cerachrom pottery word circle, gold coated digital and scale and three defenses of the case, make it feel completely outside stimulation, and to ensure the movement environment. Watches the central hour, minute and second hand; instant jump calendar, rapid correction; second pause function with accurate tuning time, and have 1000 feet water depth.
In like a sea like pure blue dial, easy to read Chromalight luminous display with long term blue light material, the luminescence intensity remained stable in the complete dive and maintain more than 8 hours. Powerful function, collocation and texture appearance, let wrist this photo like blue, accompanied by wonderful, conquer have infinite charm of the sea world!


Unlike black, green, and blue Kelpie, the so-called red Kelpie is not table ring and a dial is red, but refers to the black dial “submariner” red “the scarlet letter submariner”. Types of 16801680 is first introduced in 1968 Rolex with date display submariner, time span of about 20 years, after being waterproof ability superior (up to 300 meters) of 16800 replaced, the movement is the transition from the original Cal.1570 to Cal.3035. Rolex “scarlet letter submerged” (often table fans called “red Kelpie”) 168 year of production concentrated in the late 1960s and early 1970s (around 1970), in many 1680 submariner is particularly Zhenhan.
The styles and a particularly interesting phenomenon: ordinary letter (including most of the submerged surface waterproof data) are m (FT) in the former, meters (m) in the post, such as 660ft=200m, and have individual “the scarlet letter” table style, using several meters prior design, namely 200m=660ft, people call it “m the number of prior” (meter first paragraph.


Comex first of all a company, followed by a unique Rolex diving table series. Comex is founded in the last century 60’s a super cow’s seabed operations in France, just when he was the Rolex’s Andre Heiniger CEO on the deep sea diving is very interested in cooperation with Comex launched. Form of cooperation is the Rolex free for Comex company provides diving table, Comex divers will for the Rolex provide these watches under the real environment of the performance analysis of data, so each Comex are true under the sea. Rolex would in these marine visitors dial printed Comex to show the difference between the market public offering of styles, and the specials on the Comex division of the company’s diving table is Rolex submariner with Sea-Dweller, is, we usually say “Kelpie” and “ghost”. It can be said that Rolex in cooperation with the Comex company after the dive to a new height.

The most love to buy what the Swiss nouveau riche table

Rolex solemn, practical, not flashy
Rolex (Rolex) is the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. 1908 by La Schade Finn in Switzerland’s Hans Wisdorf (Chaux-de-Fonds La) registered changed its name to ROLEX. After a century of development, headquartered in Geneva the Rolex watch company has 19 branch, 24 a considerable scale service center in the main city in the world, with an annual output of around 450000 watches, become the market share one of the large volume of brand-name watches. Rolex solemn, practical, not flashy style was widely loved by successful people.


Rolex Replica Watches

The hottest Watch
A new log type 34 pearl jewelry watch Lady
These 34 mm in diameter of the watch of a masterpiece, exquisite dial with a complete set of diamond. 18 CT gold outer ring with a square cut Pink Sapphire, and 18 CT white gold style is a square cut sapphire ornament, for the dial to add noble temperament. As for exclusively developed by Rolex foundry pink gold alloy 18 CT Eternal Rose Gold and the cast of the table section, on 18 CT white gold ring inlaid round cut diamonds, fully demonstrated his brilliance.

Rolex fortunately where?


About Rolex, maybe we don’t have to say too much:
It is the only Swiss brand that has never been sold since its founding.
Now still lies in the founder of Wells Madoff fund


Replica Rolex

It is the smallest number of brands in the Swiss brand.
Over a hundred years
Until now, only three presidents have been replaced.
Now is the fourth


It is the only one of the Swiss brand of all kinds of precious metals.
The Swiss watchmaking industry each year the amount of gold used in the largest factory


It is the only big brand in Switzerland without the initiative to lay off workers.
Over the past thirty years
Rolex’s employees only retire and take the initiative to resign
Not being cut off


It is the Swiss watch brand has the largest manufacturers of patents
About more than one thousand
Is also the largest manufacturer to obtain the certification of the Swiss Astronomical Observatory


It is a hot line and watch the auction by the collection of antique table trend of the first brand
One nine eight zero time
Location is Italy


“Rolex”, the predecessor of the company is “W&D”. By the Germans and the British Davies Hans Wise Astoria in London in 1905 in partnership. In 1908, wise Astoria registered the trademark “Rolex” in Switzerland, La Schade Finn, the “W&D” changed to “Rolex”. Rolex table for the initial signs of the a outstretched fingers in the palm of your hand, which represents the brand of watches is crafted by hand. After gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark, in order to show its dominance in the field of watches.


Rolex oyster Watch
In 1926, Rolex created the world’s first waterproof watch – Rolex oyster watch. Since then, his renowned reputation, a thousand li a day. This table performance excellent, regardless face any harsh environment, from the depths of the ocean even George Everest peak, by the dozens of degrees below zero poles, even the Sahara desert is extremely hot weather, always operate as usual. Ai Chitengo, the world’s outstanding athlete, the Explorer trusted his credibility, and the artist appreciated his elegance. Rolex Oyster watch, unique personality, the crystal surface is not easy to wear, with locked on refining the crown, a glance, focus in terms of design ideas or technology are great masterpieces of immortality.


Oyster professional watches
Oyster professional watches is especially for those requiring watches with special function, to match the occupational or recreational activities need to be designed for people who.
24 hours red auxiliary needle is attached to the Explorer type II (explorer II), especially by cave experts welcome, because of the convenience they in the ground exploration easy to identify day and night. Submariner (SUBMARINER) at 300 meters (1000 feet) deep, still precision waterproof, divers necessary personal tools.


Professional divers love the sea (SEA-DWELLER), the surface water depth of 3900 meters (12000 feet).


Yacht master type (YACHT-MASTER) equipped with outer ring rotation, convenient calculation time measurement, and there are three sizes available.


Oyster Ladies Watch
Rolex Oyster women’s series of uncompromising attention to detail, and men’s series of process and the quality of the same, as strong, also waterproof, equally reliable.
Rolex Oyster women’s table with fine steel, 18 CT gold, diamond and platinum design styles, so as to meet the needs of different tastes of people, more in three sizes can choose: non calendar table (24 mm), calendar (36 mm) and New Womens log type (29mm) series. Some models more in the surface and strap inlaid gems. In addition, regardless of what type, sections are equipped with oyster shell, not easy to wear and tear on the crystal surface and double protection chain crown.


Rolex how many secrets?

What are the secrets of Rolex?

Rolex watches have to understand, or read watch tribe many of the original contents of the table friends will know, Replica Rolex Watches is the most classic three invention is known to waterproof oyster (oyster) structure, revolutionary automatic perpetual Tourbillon achievement (perpetual) is a classic, and dial display date window “big eyes” (DATEJUST), cousin that the three inventions laid Rolex watchmaking industry legend status in.


Figure: interesting is that today, almost every Rolex is oyster, perpetual, DATEJUST…

Rolex also what unknown secret?

一. Rolex because of tariffs to Switzerland

If Rolex’s founder, Wells Dov, is a German, why do you want to set up a factory in Switzerland?” I guess there must be a lot of friends would say, because the Swiss have rich culture of watchmaking, watchmaking industry complete industry chain, Switzerland from Germany, very close and so on, these are all plausible at first glance, in fact, are not prompted Rolex table factory is located in Switzerland, the most direct reason, directly promote wilsdorf to watch factory from Britain moved to Switzerland is a British relatively high export tariffs, visible, Rolex from at the beginning of the factory is focus on the world, a country market, even a continent market bag Rolex “ambition”.


Figure: your giant (model 116769TBR-74779B.) about 475 million yuan) a Rolex, but large-scale diamond is removed, it is a oyster, perpetual, DATEJUST…

二. Rolex’s name comes from reading

Rolex is different from many traditional watchmaking brand, with the name of the founder named just three years after it changed its name until today’s “Rolex”, as mentioned, Rolex is the focus of international, Mr. wilsdorf to their own table plant named “Rolex”, exactly is because it is simple and easy to read, in order to let customers of all cultures can be easily read, this is a bit like today, my parents named their children to consider one of the most important factors in reading easy to write. Sometimes I think too, in order to let other people remember yourself a particularly complex name, also not necessarily is particularly desirable thing, because it will bring recognition of “trouble”, and the true meaning of life is “and convenient, convenient.


Graph: the amount of don’t be surprised, though generous face, I also Rolex, my name is cut lini Prince series 54419 silver watch, automatic mechanical movement, 18K platinum material, carry through, the table size 45*29 mm, waterproof 100 meters.

三. Rolex has produced quartz watch

Many friends of the table will be surprised by this fact, “Oh, my God, is this true?” “It’s not put fine timber to petty use?” “In order to make money, there is no” off the assembly line “?” In fact, we do not have so surprised, there are words I do not know who famously especially deep cousin heart “when young people choose to try new things, we should give the understanding and blessing” with open eyes, understanding and blessing may require too high, at least not “acrimony” it, you know, in the sixties of the last century, quartz watch really is a new thing, like today’s smart watch, but just try it well, why are you so harsh, moreover because production is minimal, in order to dilute expensive luxury world, they are already valuable.


Figure: once a Rolex quartz watch, model Datejust Oysterquarz 19018, 18K gold material, from the appearance can also be seen as a log type series of quartz version, do not laugh at me Oh, who did not have……

四.Rolex is the originator of the diving table

Rolex is also invented the first diving watch brands, and Blancpain fifty fathoms have appeared, but still watch the deepest diving record but by Rolex keep, outside of the Kelpie, commonly known as the classical submerged series,, Rolex and diving performance even more remarkable Deepsea series, Rolex many times on this is so simple, simple to see the name knew the meaning of it, Deepsea series waterproof to a depth of 3000 meters, a named Jacques Piccard’s hero once Rolex strap to a depth of over 3000 meters in the Mariana Trench using that magic is travel time precision. Therefore, Rolex has become a lot of fans of extreme sports equipment.


Figure: Rolex, it is found that both deepsea series 116660-98210 Disc black watch, automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, grade 5 titanium alloy bottom cover, 60 minutes progressive scale one-way rotate the outer ring, with anti scratch damage Cerachrom pottery word ring, platinum coated digital and scale, 44 mm diameter, waterproof 3900 meters.

五.  Rolex invented the two time zones

Don’t get me wrong, the two time zone is the natural existence, of course here refers to watch the two time zone function. Rolex as the industry benchmark brand is definitely not illusory, hundred years from its invention can be said too numerous to mention, cousin had to pick up the more classical achievement to share with you. Two time zone as the representative of the GMT series of products is also the first invention of the Rolex, as an important feature of the hair, this great invention at least convenient a lot of people often cross-border travel or travel around the world. In short, the master is a master, because he has made a lot of classic.


Figure: Rolex GMT Master II Series 116713-LN-78203 watch, automatic mechanical movement, between the gold material (18K yellow gold and stainless steel), with date display and dual time zone function, the table with a diameter of 40 mm, waterproof 100 meters.