Isaacson precision watchmaking brand Lange 2016 new exhibition tour activities in Beijing

Held in January, Geneva haute Horlogerie salon, Lange hall to “master of mechanical MECHANICALMASTERS incisive summarize the Saxon precision watchmaking brand the basic features and a new masterpiece of the characteristics of the. The new watch all without exception reflects Lange deep technical knowledge, scientific mind, superb aesthetic accomplishment and to the mechanical world consistent fanaticism.


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This year stands Geneva haute Horlogerie Sharon Languedoc in the centre of the hall, 1:50 large size model is based on the Saxon most new master Masterpiece — limited production to 100 pieces of DATOGRAPH perpetual TOURBILLON




Combined with the three complex device and five additional features, the gold unique Lange watch not only technically excellent and exquisite layout, clear display the information. Three complex device including: with guide column wheel, precisely jumping points disk, fly back to the functions and the classical Runge big calendar display chronograph, with moon phase display the instantaneous jump calendar and patent stop seconds Tourbillon. 729 parts of L952.2 type movement though a tabulation challenges, and watch the modification and assembly process for the same stress professional skills. Only the top of the master table to cross obstacles, so that the perfect interaction of independent devices.
Limited to 100 pieces of Richard Lange jumping seconds clever fusion of two devices: a second constant driving force escapement system to bring the ultimate accuracy; second jumper device to ensure the time display is clear and easy to read, second per minute to move forward 60, no less. Watch with zero function: pull the crown after the second hand will jump to zero.

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RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDSModeling precision, classical, highlighting the function of the structure of the dial. When the device is arranged at the top of the whole silver dial large second ring, given the special status of the second hand. On the dial, intersecting circle hour and minute ring position is provided with a triangular window, when the power storage before running out of ten hours, the red indicator to remind the wearer who watch chain. RICHARD LANGE JUMPING SECONDS in cutting-edge technology, interest and classical art in a body, is fully deserve the star masterpiece.
Lange in 2013 launch grand Lange 1 “lumen”, through the translucent sapphire crystal dial, showing a Lange big calendar display ingenious structure. The launch of the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE through the main dial show reproduce the lunar month, the accuracy rate of up to 99.998%. Today, grand Lange 1 moon phase “lumen” the two specially designed to merge, creating ingenious combination moon phase display and charming luminous big calendar display of grand Lange 1 moon phase “lumen”, limited to 200 pieces.


The acclaimed SAXONIA MOON PHASE is for the first time phase and large calendar SAXONIA series two charming Lange watches display. These two elements in SAXONIA simple on the surface particularly attention: big calendar display is arranged at the 12 o’clock position below. For the half moon phase display small seconds disc is located at 6 o’clock position, both in the visual balance each other, make this watch is the best combination of beautiful and practical function and excellent design.

Schaffhausen IWC universal table holiday season is particularly recommended (Figure)

Mediterranean summer early autumn, the most beautiful time. The sea breeze caresses, cruise on the first ray of dawn, sunset under the shadow of the harbor, became the everyone in the hearts of the most pleasant Italian style. Here, we are all the time traveler, constantly met, farewell; we are very important to some people, we are willing to stay. From all the kingdoms of the IWC Schaffhausen table with rich meaning type amorous feelings of the Portofino watch series, with you together recorded down in the heart of this meeting and stay.

Protofino, known as one of the world’s most beautiful town. In 1950s and 1960s star studded, near the coast of Liguria, small and exquisite, full of poetic Town, movie stars found in one. Humphrey? Bogart (Humphrey Bogart), Lauren? Bacall (Lauren? Bacall), Richard? Burton (Richard Burton) and Elizabeth? Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) this walk hand in hand, leisurely talk. These beautiful name gives more protofino more classic and elegant color. Inadvertently floating in the ear of the meaning of the song, as if to bring people into the United States had a choking age.


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In 1984, the IWC Wanguo table to the Ligurian coast near the town of inspired launched a Portofino watch series, show Mediterranean leisurely atmosphere of life, such as the Mediterranean coastline like duration, and the growth of love, love in the hour before the dawn, love in the sunset, love in the midnight before the arrival of. In this holiday and love of the season, the IWC Wanguo table portrait Zhen selection of paragraph 6 of the Portofino watch series, is simple and clear, timeless elegance of design language presented Mediterranean life sentiment, the communication between friends and love people the most sincere heart.


before sunrise
These two Portofino watch series is noble and subtle and beautiful simplicity of a match made in heaven, like the dawn of love, low-key and romantic. Portofino chronograph watch (model: IW391009), 42 mm diameter dial, stainless steel case with restrained meaningful temperament and precision technology perfect set in a body, vividly reflects the gentleman poise. And match the Portofino automatic watch 37 (model: IW458110) popular three pointer with diameter 37 mm dial concise clear, coupled with a bright shine on people’s stainless steel case, like the morning’s first ray of dawn circulation in the wrist.


Love in the sunset at dusk
These two Portofino watch with red material, like sunset, and calm atmosphere and sustenance of the love world meaningful commitments. Portofino automatic watch (model: IW356504) diameter 40 mm of the bottom of the dial engraved delicate patterns, fino Portofino harbor views all eyes. Portofino automatic watch 37 (model: IW458105) with silver plated dial and orange alligator strap opens up a refreshing temperament. Dial with 12 diamond, shine.


Before Midnight
The two Portofino watch as midnight love, deep and mysterious, and blue dial like lovers under the stars have a strong admiration for each other, and whisper affection. Portofino manually on the chain of eight days power reserve watch (model) IW510106 in subtle ways in the diameter of 45 mm dial bottom cover engraved watch Portofino words, once again stressed the IWC Ligurian coast between the small village and close contact. Blue dial with charm Portofino automatic watch 37 (model: IW458111) watches and the same color crocodile leather strap, people can not help but think of the charming scenery of the Ligurian Sea. Table 66 diamond ring inlaid in the night sky, like stars in the bright light.
IWC universal table
The famous Swiss watchmaker IWC IWC focus on technology and R & D, since 1868 the creation of lasting value watch. Companies eager to pursue innovative technology and original technology, has won wide acclaim in the international. As a professional luxury watch the field of the world one of the leading brands, IWC Wanguo table combines unparalleled precision performance and unique design, building reflects the highest level of senior tabulation art model. With the environmental awareness and sense of social responsibility of company as a, IWC actively promote sustainable production and in the worldwide support children and youth organizations, and maintained close relations of cooperation and climate and the environmental protection agency.

The world record breaking six ultra thin (Figure)

1 the world is now producing ultra-thin mechanical watch Squelette Watch – Jaeger Le Coulter Master thin
Jaeger Le Coulter Master ultra-thin Squelette watch is a purely technical achievement. It broke the previous world record by the thinnest mechanical watches 0.05 mm advantage this is only a hair thickness. You can take it as a mechanical movement between two layers of sapphire crystal.
Jaeger LeCoultre introduced in 2015 master ultrathin Squelette watch, world record is in count hand (ultra-thin watches is their logo) – the altiplano 900p. This watch is 3.65 mm thick. However, ultra-thin Squelette watch in structure is quite unique, sapphire bottom cover as the core of the mainframe board by such a solution can be dug out space, and the needle away from the center position to prevent overlapping some gear. Prior to this, JLC is the thinnest watch Master 1907 thin (4.05 mm THIN). World record master ultrathin Squelette watch 360 mm, in fact is hollowed out version of this watch…. therefore, it is the world’s most thin hollow watches and the world’s thinnest stencil movement.
2 of the world’s thinnest Chronograph – count Altiplano flyback chronograph
The count in the thinnest Chronograph to return to the battle of slim record. This is the world’s thinnest chronograph, and a chronograph movement of the world’s thinnest. The size of the watch itself is 8.24 mm in height… It looks quite thick compared to the previous watch. However, you have to take into account the uniqueness of the time table. First, it has a few small dial pointer, central pointer to cross from the other pointer, which means considering oneself of time needle, equal to 4 layer pointer stack in the dial. Then chronograph movement has unique timing mechanism stacked on top of the regular movement, which means that the lever, gear, guide column wheel, clutch and a push rod mechanism… And even these components are integrated to the movement, rather than as a module attached to the above, it needs more space.


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Count to achieve the guide wheel movement is only 4.65 mm thick. And most important, is also provided with a fly back mechanism, vertical clutch (this is fairly thick) and a double after needle chronograph function, and has 50 hours of power reserve – ultra-thin movement is really not bad.
3 of the world’s thinnest Tourbillon movement – Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon
In recent years, N brands competing for the world’s thinnest tourbillon title. 2013 and Jarno was introduced UTTE, at that time is the most thin manually on the chain tourbillon, 8.34 millimeters case thickness, core thickness for 297 mm. Then, in 2014, Breguet launched classique Tourbillon ultra-thin automatic watch 5377, watchcase thick is only 7mm, and center Tourbillon automatic winding movement.


Finally, in 2015, Bvlgari launched the Finissimo Octo Tuo flywheel. Since movement only 1.95 mm thick, case only 5mm thick of (which is still considerable). This is not the history of the thinnest Tourbillon watches. Its characteristics are the thin top of the flywheel movement, which is currently available on the market, the actual use of the most thin Tuo flywheel watch.

The Qixi Festival memoris Scarlett: Audemars Pigeut time selection

All over the sky, the stars are always for the master to solve the mystery of time to provide a steady stream of inspiration and inspiration. Tanabata Festival and to, from the stars legend opened this romantic Valentine’s day in China, a midsummer night, hold hand, looking up at the night sky and the Milky way, Audemars Piguet at such a wonderful moment selection original timepiece, expression associated in pairs romantic Xingyuan, presenting the beauty of art, architecture and Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium Series for you, and elegant and rich details with symbolize completeness of Jules Audemars series.

Audemars Pigeut Millennium Series: art


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Audemars Pigeut Millenary Millennium Series was born in 1995, designed to meet the Millennium millennium. In more than 20 years of development, transverse oval watchcase and the shape of exclusive design of elliptical movement become the series of unique design features. In 2016, Audemars Piguet launched a new millennium series of hollow watch to senior tabulation process, showing the beauty of the transparent dial and movement: continuation of the hollow handle of eccentric dial radial Roman numerals time scale of classic design, calibre 4105 automatic chain produced in the core, a total of 148 can only be done by hand angle polishing; innovative structural design, can greatly reduce the power loss of movement transmission system, make the 4105 calibre movement in the single driven by a box can be guaranteed with a minimum of 60 hours of power reserve. Millennium Series Ladies Watch echoes the continuous change of women’s life style, interpretation of the wearer to break the conventional eclectic, unique personality. Watch with the beauty of architecture structure as a design inspiration, senior tabulation process and precious stones inlaid ingenious combination of, the achievement of the Millennium Series Ladies Watch unique style.

Double circles: Jules Audemars series
The Audemars Pigeut Audemars Jules series is named after LouisAudemars Jules, one of the founders of the brand, which represents the art and tradition of the brand’s hundred years of inheritance. Elegant and round case, full details of the dial, inspiration and resonance excitation of the people inside. Jules Audemars series automatic timepiece by 39 mm 18k rose gold case, table inlaid circle 72 teeth round diamonds, silver dial inner ring with exquisite diamond grain decoration, diamond calibration and form a perfect circle echo. Jules Audemars series small second hand ladies watch with 33 mm of compact size and ultra-thin design meet the modern women’s wear demand, smooth lines of the case, full details of the dial design, passing generation of women’s capable, more full of a delicate and soft. Ladies Watch R & D calibre 3090 manual chain produced core thickness of only 280 mm, all components were decorated with hand, chamfering and polishing treatment of the bridge splint outline bright beautiful arc.



A new automatic chronograph watch Breitling challenger BLACKSTEEL



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New Breitling Breitling Challenger automatic timing BLACKSTEEL watch with sturdy and durable case, waterproof performance up to 200 meters (660 feet), mix with reinforcement protection device of large rotary table crown and a unidirectional rotating bezel, bold design style followed the essence of the prototype of the army and charm. Wearing all black jersey new watch features more domineering mighty clear, worthy of adventurous people on the wrist of the selection.


Satin matte 44 mM stainless steel case with high strength carbonization. Volcano black dial engraved Medallion delicate, dynamic charm on the dial. Coated luminous coating large scale pointer and collocation, the Central Red Chronograph second hand, showing excellent readability to dial. BREITLING Challenger Automatic Chronograph Black Watch is also decorated with a knowledge of the bezel indicator four hundred years microalert can not only ensure the rotating bezel optimal control, can effectively protect the double-sided anti glare sapphire table mirror.


To watch this performance excellence provide a steady stream of power is a gold Breitling automatic winding mechanical movement, the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), representing to attain accurate and reliable.

Watch more rubber watchband and high-tech military fiber Military watch strap is optional, only for the great mission!

A full of ambition, power and champion temperament chronograph and a perfect fusion of extraordinary performance with the original design of the wrist masterpiece!