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Rolex replica – 3rd place in the world top luxury brands

In an annual survey published by Millward Brown, Swiss replica Rolex brand has increased in value by over 36%, reaching number 3 in the top luxury companies worldwide. Private company based in Geneva, Rolex replica is only surpassed in the top of Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

Following Rolex lies renowned companies as Gucci, Chanel or Prada, and the renowned jewelry manufacturer and market competition Cartier watches. In fact, Rolex is the only brand in the top 10 which is the exclusive producer of watches.


Today’s apple Watch Apple only competitor: Rolex

Apple this time from the symbol of the identity of the luxury market turned away, and focus on fitness, entertainment and fashion direction, there is nothing wrong with the strategy.

Not long ago, apple held a press conference in San Francisco, the new second generation smart watches Watch Series Apple 2 official debut. We can see that the design of the second generation Apple Watch did not change significantly in 50 meters waterproof performance at the same time, the main attention is paid to the health and fitness function upgrade, this special built-in GPS, with significantly improved display brightness, and powerful dual core processor.

Unfortunately, apple still did not release the exact sales data Watch Apple. Maybe a lot of people will be disappointed, because there is no sales figures, simply can not see the success or failure. But it is undeniable that smart watches still just emerging products in the industry, and even a lot of people do not know what is the smart watch, and watch the size of the market itself there is no intelligent mobile phone is so big, apple chose not to publish the data but continue to improve and have no problem.

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However, apple conference mentioned an interesting topic, i.e. the first generation Apple Watch listed only 18 months, is already the world’s second largest watch brand, behind Rolex, and in the smart watch watch sales ranked first in the world in recent years, is the most successful watch products.

It is clear that in the battle with the Swiss watch manufacturers, apple did not shrink, and now has fully occupied the upper hand. However, some analysts believe that, Apple Watch sales is more obvious on the outbreak of some type of cheap, not popular in the high-end luxury market apple. More importantly, the second generation Watch Apple did not have a golden version, in turn usher in a new style of ceramic material shell. It seems, Apple seems to agree with that.

Cook in his speech also admitted that Apple has not been fully successful in the watch market.

It appears that Cook sales ranking of the charts show the apple does not meet the attitude, but not satisfied with the second position after Rolex. But the question is, why Apple will change to the high-end luxury version of the gold version of a few orders of magnitude compared to the fight against it? We also don’t know the answer, at least Apple’s strategy has changed. Perhaps Apple’s future is more willing to consider the pursuit of advanced materials? Consider other watch manufacturers can not match the material, breakthrough and follow the same ideas to create more extraordinary products?

Apple did not give the answer to these questions, however, after Apple changed strategy, next year’s Conference on the next Cook Watch Apple to get out of the first slide, we do not have to be surprised.

Apple’s products always follow a high profit model, whether it is smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops and desktops are so, and a great success. This time from the luxury market, a symbol of identity turned away, and focus on fitness, entertainment and fashion direction, there is nothing wrong with the strategy. Apple is good at making use of existing business models, but also easier to participate in the competition in the field of their own familiar.

In short, in the field of watches, there are currently placed in front of Apple’s competitors, there is only one, that is, Rolex.

It is perhaps the most complicated Rolex active products in a watch

Rolex can have a few cents on the relationship with the “nouveau riche” in many people’s minds, and Rolex in the table fans in mind is synonymous with “durable” or “value”, the Rolex complex watches? Recall whether it can be used to describe the rare.


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A complex when it comes to Rolex, Yacht-Master II is probably the most complex ROLEX Rolex active products in a — even with calendar display Sky-Dweller probably has less. About 07 years it was brand watches are keen on Sports brains to do publicity, yiyanbuge is branded watches, good work related to the.

Nevertheless, these watches in function are almost just ordinary chronograph, Rolex is one of the few truly developed exclusive movement example surface central striking red box and arrow pointer across a blue box is used for digital disk before the countdown, players can set the number of minutes. And at any time correction, called the same type machine can complete the a.


One point: the mobile trajectory is only limited to the minute scale pointer countdown, when go to the 0 time will be back to the 10 counter. A pointer is the selling point of color, blue steel when the red paint of the second hand and timing are rare in Rolex. Mention rare, is not to love the wallet?

Two things: the watch is equipped with 4161 core basically is from the Daytona 4130 changes from the installation of the module is mainly concentrated in the face side, the structure is quite complicated, but the operation is still simple and practical.


Aspect three: the general introduction is less mentioned is the form of the fly back function. In the time course if directly pressed down to zero according to the words, the second timing as ordinary time returning to zero as soon after the re time, however it will prompt jump pointer reciprocal synchronization to the nearest minute: for example, 7:29 will jump to 7 points, the 7:31 will jump to 8 minutes.

This function is used for correction in the reciprocal process, will do many times in the official countdown started before the game, if the player in the second countdown to find time with its own calculation of the gap would be through this function of rapid correction.

How to identify Rolex

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Rolex (Rolex) is the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. Rolex table for the initial signs of the a outstretched fingers in the palm of your hand, which represents the brand of watches is crafted by hand, and later evolved as a registered trademark of the crown. So how to identify Rolex?

First look at the appearance. Really Rolex watches from the outside look fine Rolex watchcase, strap, crown, English words clear and complete, and imitation tabulation shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially bottom of the table, gear cover, very fine and clear, bright and clean and there is a sense of three-dimensional, and replica of the rough and no three-dimensional sense, are generally more shallow.

Fake fake watches often only in the face of time. A genuine Rolex in see not see table ears also hit a crisp number, usually on the upper side of the table table types of middle ear, and the lower side of the table sheet number in the middle ear. A copy of the basic no, even if there is not enough clear and neat.

Second strokes to find a feeling. The table will be worn on the wrist, the wrist watch strap table really docile, freely, and watch strap no edges and corners, smooth not hurt. And fake watch strap is not flexible enough, not only limited wrist activity, and there is no fine polished strap sharp, even scratched hands.

A third weigh weight. I watch making expensive materials, mostly made of 18 carat gold and platinum. And the fake is a lot lighter. Some fake table will be added to the copper ring of iron or filling component parts. Such a situation requires only in a quiet place the table in the ear gently shaking, leave the table will murmur collision parts, while the real table because of tight sealing, does not appear this phenomenon.

Fourth movement. With special tools to open the table, really on the Rolex core plywood engraved with the words of Rolex, but also engraved with the organic core number and other information, the fake is not. Really fine, clear ridge movement, above the gem shine. False movement rough hair dark, there is no gem.

Fifth strokes to see the birth of paper”. The table “out of paper” paper shading clear. “Born paper” on the factory number, watch model with the table on the ear of the same time. Rolex has five numbers. They are: (1) case models, (2) watch production number, (3) movement,, (4) movement of production number, (5) strap number. After 2007, Rolex comprehensive use of plastic cards for international insurance, labor, commonly known as the birth of the card”.

The launch of the new Rolex oyster perpetual DATEJUST watch (Oyster Perpetual Datejust)

Rolex launched the new oyster perpetual DATEJUST watches (Oyster Perpetual DATEJUST), 41 mm case, equipped with tabulation technology leading Rolex type 3235 movement. The new log type 41 watch with gold steel and steel Everose style, in addition to a variety of dial to choose. New log type 41 get Rolex 2015 laid top Observatory certification, guarantee the watch worn on the wrist can play a top performance.


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Classic Watch

Log type is an example of classic watch, whether functional or aesthetic style, are forever. This watch was published in 1945, is the world’s first in the automatic chain waterproof Observatory certification 3 point set calendar watch window. The watch embodies the Rolex all of the great inventions and innovations for modern watches lay a milepost. From the aesthetic point of view, different types of log watch after years of baptism, still retains original aesthetic characteristics. Therefore, the log type has become one of the watches easy to identify.

ROLESOR, the combination of gold and steel

Rolex in 1933 will Rolesor (steel) registered as a trademark, then steel combination has become Rolex watch one of the signs. Rolesor combines these two metals: gold and steel. Gold, both noble and valuable, rich luster, and stable and therefore quite attractive; steel, unbreakable, very strong, worthy of trust. These characteristics reflect the perfect Rolex watches elegant temperament and outstanding performance. The concept is simple: outer ring, crown and Bracelet Link intermediate 18ct Gold or 18ct Everose gold (Rolex patent pink gold alloy), and middle case and strap on both sides of the link is to 904L steel made. Rolesor for the first time log watch in 1948, then this classic watch wrote the legend of the page.


Type 3235 movement

Log type 3235 with 41 core, this new generation of movement by Rolex R & D and manufacturing. This new automatic mechanical movement of the chain can be the peak of the peak of the process. While this movement has 14 patents, in terms of precision, power reserve, shock resistant and antimagnetic, wear comfortable and reliable the are very good, a perfect display of the Rolex exquisite technology. The patented Chronergy escapement movement this new configuration of Rolex. The new escapement made of nickel phosphorus, not only efficient and reliable, and is not affected by the magnetic field interference. Hairspring balance wheel assembly is the heart of watch parts, equipped with a patented Rolex blue Parachrom hairspring, the gossamer Rolex to cast a unique alloy made, is not affected by the magnetic field interference, and the rest, seismic force more than traditional hairspring high out ten times. Type 3235 machine equipped with automatic chain assembly by perpetual pendulum movement for chain. At the end of the Rolex circle to ensure regular hairspring in any position can be. The excellent efficiency of the new structure and the escapement spring box, the power reserve type 3235 movement to about 70 hours.

Oyster and commemorative watch strap

The new log type 41 steel watch collocation oyster or memorial type watchband. Two models were watchband casting with 904L steel or 18ct gold. The outer ring under the new hidden connection, ensure the seamless connection between the watchband and watchcase to achieve visual effect. Both equipped with folding oyster belt buckle, belt buckle also installed a patented Rolex to adjust link, the extension device has smart design, so that the wearer can be easily extended strap ca. 5 mm, under various wear feel comfortable. Log type 41 after Rolex by the new standard in 2015 laid the test certification for the top Observatory chronometer. This unique title that watch success through a series of tests as part of the Rolex laboratory, the standard more than conventional and level of watchmaking. Watch after assembly, they were tested to ensure that the watch worn on the wrist, in accurate, power reserve, waterproof and automatic chain the, can play a top performance.

Oyster shell, waterproof symbol

Oyster case log type 41 guaranteed waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet), is a model of strong and elegant and perfect proportion. The unique middle case shape, with the whole solid cast steel 904L. Rolex table carpenter to brand the exclusive special tools will be triangular pit bottom cover is screwed tightly, the case sealing, so only the Rolex table carpenter to open the movement. On the list with Rolex patent double lock double crown waterproofing system, firmly screwed on the case. The mirror is made of blue crystal, which is not easy to scrape. The 3 o’clock position added window convex lens, easy to read the calendar. Waterproof oyster case given log type 41 high precise movement the best protection.


June 2016 3, 7 to July 31, located in Shanghai Bund “Rolex world – World” (the Rolex experience) will respectfully present ceremoniously in 2016 Basel world watch and jewelery Fair grand launch of the new watch. By then, the public will have the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary close new style.