Patek Philippe world time watch, great adventure fearless timepiece

Since the 1884 meeting of the international meridian conference in Washington, DC, the world is divided into 24 time zones, the clock and watch brands have launched a fierce competition, the first to develop a multi time zone can display the time of the watch. In 1930s, Patek Philippe launched Patek Philippe WorldTime world watch time worldwide, with two rotating disks, can display 24 time zone. Now, the system from 1930 to 60s in the world watch time have the sale will be in a high price. In 2000, Patek Philippe once again launched WorldTime watch, and greatly improve its function, so that the user can display all the time zone conversion can adjust the watch at the same time, does not affect the accuracy of movement, lay the top brand in the world watch time leading.


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In 2006, Patek Philippe launched the 5130 world time zone watch table 37 diameter increased to 39.5 mm, and using a special ring clockwise Gu Dongbiao and a similar paragraph, special shape makes it exudes the charm of the one and only. In 2008, it launched the cloisonne enamel (Cloisonn) plate Ref.5131, dream portfolio to meet the aspirations of many connoisseurs. This year, Patek Philippe in the world watch time again to establish a new milepost, the new 5930G world time chronograph, the stopwatch and time of the two world brand specializing in complex functions in a cluster. This is in addition to the 1940 brand produced only one world time stopwatch (Op. 862442, is now in the possession of the Patek Philippe museum collections, No. P996), the market for the first time function combination. In addition, the world time watch also launched a new type of Ref.5230 to replace the old 5130, because this version of the world time zone should represent the city name, appearance and design details also has more contemporary charm.

Patek Philippe world time chronograph Ref. 5930G

Patek Philippe is famous for “honoring tradition”, but not to respect the traditional conservative but always look to the future, content with staying where one is, and get enlightenment and encouragement from. In fact, innovation is the most important of Patek Philippe’s traditional core values, but also the new exciting practical products year after year. To echo the modern traveler travel across time zones, and show the exquisite watchmaking brand innovation, Patek Philippe this year launched a new 5930G WorldTime Chronograph chronograph watch with the world time zone, world time function and the world’s first brand of the world praise the stopwatch in one, fully embody the spirit of innovation and brand “and”.

Once again, the history of glittering glory

5930G world time chronograph

As one of the world’s most respected brand watches, Patek Philippe after generation test and the momentum is not falling, the most important reason is to adhere to the “tradition and innovation” business philosophy. Patek Philippe to adhere to Geneva traditional watchmaking, even in harsh “Patek Philippe” custom mark, in order to maintain human timing for art concept; in addition, the constant pursuit of technological innovation, not only made the table first split seconds chronograph and calendar watches, more Louis and Cottier in 1930s developed the first batch of “cooperation Heure Universelle” the world time watch, and patented in 1959.

Antique Patek Philippe world time Chronograph number 862442,

1940 system, unique works

Patek Philippe common style first see functional combination

Just this year in Basel Watch Fair published the new 5930G world time chronograph, design concept is inherited the brand in the stopwatch and the world time zone in the two major fields of historical achievement and interpretation. In fact, Patek Philippe in 1940 made a world time stopwatch product (number 862442), is now in the possession of the Patek Philippe Museum (collection No. P996). The scale of modern technology and technology progress watches in the world time and stopwatch, to the two set in a complex process again and become more emphasis on conventional style, slim and elegant, still have with profound connotation, can satisfactorily solve the challenges faced by the space movement and watch design.

28-520 HU CH automatic top chain movement

New 28-520 HU CH automatic top chain movement

After all, the world time watch typical no second hand, but has a rotatable display panel and the city twenty-four hours can rotate the display, display zone represents city name and time of the city; and the stopwatch is central to the timing of second hand, thirty minutes and seconds into the scale calculator, thus, the world time Chronograph surface there are a lot of mobile display, respectively by the self winding chronograph movement and the world time drive, they must be completely fused with the operation. Results, Patek Philippe developed a new 28-520 HU CH automatic chain movement. Although it is CH 28-520 PS automatic chronograph movement based on chain (with column wheel timing mechanism and vertical clutch) and Patek Philippe world time device module and fusion, but the movement after a massive change, transfer of axes, re design and reduce the thickness of slab clamp, and minus the number of parts, called the new movement not too.

The advent of the first 5930G world time chronograph with 39.5 mm 18K white gold case,

Watch ear looks like the aircraft winglet, this is the 1940 and 50s world time watch design elements

The elegant appearance of slim

The advent of the first 5930G world time chronograph with 39.5 mm 18K platinum watchcase, watch ear looks like the aircraft winglet, this is the 1940 and 50s world time watch and the main design elements; surface with navy blue, and by hand with staggered grid decoration, is to change the time zone of the great human acquaintance sailing adventure era.

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