Audemars Pigeut contemporary art event in October in Shanghai, you come about!

The Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Audemars Pigeut (Audemars Piguet) in October 2016 for Chinese presentation and tabulation art feast hitherto unknown: “Audemars Pigeut and senior tabulation of Contemporary Art Exhibition” will be held in autumn October in Shanghai grand opening, show the brand’s unique essence, superior technology and timepiece to contemporary art forms. 200 pieces of precious timepieces constitute a shocking number of exhibition content, which comes from the Audemars Pigeut Museum 135 pieces of antique timepiece hitting Ai Pi Gu Don timepiece overseas public exhibition of the most. At the same time, as the Basel Art Exhibition (Basel Art) global partner, the representative works of art created by Audemars Pigeut to work together internationally renowned artists will also become an attractive part of the exhibition.           Since its founding in 1875, Audemars Pigeut (Piguet Audemars) in the history of watches and clocks to write a page immortal chapter, to create a number of the history of the first record. As the world’s only by the founding family (Audemars and Piguet two family) in charge of the senior watch brand, 140 years ago, Audemars Pigeut was born in Switzerland (Vall e e de Ru Valley Joux) Bula Susie (Le Brassus) – the cradle of the Advanced tab art. After thousands of years of wind and frost Lian Ru Valley, beautiful natural scenery from the infinite time treasure, inspired and gave birth to the independent spirit of Audemars Pigeut and break the conventional thinking. Brand to the two founders of the invention and created the world’s most eminent timepiece, create complex function and timepiece, the highest level of decoration and grinding process. This process with pioneer spirit, continues to this day, every timepiece Audemars Pigeut reflects the breakthrough and innovation of the tabulation process and aesthetic design.


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For the present brand to break through the traditional innovation legend, independent spirit and superb technology, Audemars Pigeut brand philosophy of “To break the rules, you must first master them, the title” orchestrated “Audemars Pigeut and senior tabulation of Contemporary Art Exhibition”, and will be in Shanghai in October 27, 2016 of Yuz Art Gallery’s first exhibition grand opening. The exhibition by the famous French designer Matthew Rehanil (Mathieu Lehanneur) was designed, with time cycle for inspiration, concept of 12 hours for the show, the Audemars Pigeut brand, the birthplace of family inheritance, complex function, advanced technology and tab masterpiece series Royal Oak amazing legend. The exhibition will feature 200 times across different timepiece masterpieces, including 135 pieces from the museum’s collection of antique Audemars Pigeut timepiece, the number of the hit Ai Pi Gu Don meter public display of the plurality of overseas, Audemars Pigeut created the “first”, limited edition masterpieces, rare treasures will borrow the exhibition for the first time in the China debut. In the exhibition, from the Swiss watchmaker Audemars Pigeut Ru Valley, will also be the essence of exquisite handicraft demonstration senior tabulation culture, visitors can enjoy the Audemars Pigeut process near the famous, Art beats nature.


In addition to hundreds of pieces of precious rare antique clock, a complex function of new LED Audemars Pigeut contemporary masterpiece become another highlight of the exhibition: three time table has been asked is Audemars Pigeut’s most representative senior watchmaking skills. The Royal Oak series super time to watch the launch of the 2016 SIHH Geneva Watch Fair on (Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie), will also debut Chinese, in the exhibition, a new masterpiece after ten years of development, the time to watch the acoustic performance of unparalleled realm, three innovative patented technology to create today the loudest three chime sound, called the Audemars Pigeut in three hours of research and development master asked to make, write a new movement time watch three asked excellence.


Audemars Pigeut timepieces masterpiece from love of beauty and art and attention. Brand to the artistic world of creativity and innovation has great enthusiasm and great resonance. From the very beginning, Audemars Pigeut continues to explore similarities between art and craft, the relentless pursuit of the perfect craftsmanship and artistic spirit fusion technology. Since 2013, Audemars Pigeut as the world’s top contemporary art exhibition, Basel Art Exhibition (Art Basel) global partners, the concept of innovation exhibition hall set up in Hongkong, Basel, Basel art exhibition three Miami Beach exhibition, showing extraordinary timepiece, and support the creation of contemporary artists, designers and artists invited creative interpretation of Audemars Pigeut home Swiss Ru valley. The “Audemars Pigeut contemporary art and advanced watch” will also be the perfect combination of advanced tabs and contemporary art. The exhibition of art also is expected to, a number of internationally renowned artists to Ru Valley inspired works of art has been exhibited at the Basel art exhibition, will be the first landing in Shanghai, the famous British photographer Dan Holdsworth (Dan Holdsworth) is through the video and photos will be combined with nature and space, to explore the relationship between human and nature, time the. Audemars Pigeut birthplace of Ru Valley is his favorite places, this piece of the original source through the lens of his good will come to Shanghai. The exhibition also invited a Chinese artist to participate in and create a special artistic works, he will be the unique perspective of the art form and expression of the Chinese interpretation of the valley”. After the first exhibition in Shanghai, “Audemars Pigeut senior tabulation of contemporary art and Exhibition” will continue in a number of Global Arts tour.

Some stories, in themselves, are legends. They across the centuries, be handed down from age to age in the passage of time, the more extraordinary. Since its founding in 1875, Audemars Pigeut will uphold senior tabulation process, break the normal procedure from generation to generation independent innovation, and the pursuit of beauty and art, constantly wrote a remarkable story of time. From October 27, 2016 to November 13th, “Audemars Pigeut’s contemporary art and advanced watch”, inviting you to a list of legends.

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