It is perhaps the most complicated Rolex active products in a watch

Rolex can have a few cents on the relationship with the “nouveau riche” in many people’s minds, and Rolex in the table fans in mind is synonymous with “durable” or “value”, the Rolex complex watches? Recall whether it can be used to describe the rare.


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A complex when it comes to Rolex, Yacht-Master II is probably the most complex ROLEX Rolex active products in a — even with calendar display Sky-Dweller probably has less. About 07 years it was brand watches are keen on Sports brains to do publicity, yiyanbuge is branded watches, good work related to the.

Nevertheless, these watches in function are almost just ordinary chronograph, Rolex is one of the few truly developed exclusive movement example surface central striking red box and arrow pointer across a blue box is used for digital disk before the countdown, players can set the number of minutes. And at any time correction, called the same type machine can complete the a.


One point: the mobile trajectory is only limited to the minute scale pointer countdown, when go to the 0 time will be back to the 10 counter. A pointer is the selling point of color, blue steel when the red paint of the second hand and timing are rare in Rolex. Mention rare, is not to love the wallet?

Two things: the watch is equipped with 4161 core basically is from the Daytona 4130 changes from the installation of the module is mainly concentrated in the face side, the structure is quite complicated, but the operation is still simple and practical.


Aspect three: the general introduction is less mentioned is the form of the fly back function. In the time course if directly pressed down to zero according to the words, the second timing as ordinary time returning to zero as soon after the re time, however it will prompt jump pointer reciprocal synchronization to the nearest minute: for example, 7:29 will jump to 7 points, the 7:31 will jump to 8 minutes.

This function is used for correction in the reciprocal process, will do many times in the official countdown started before the game, if the player in the second countdown to find time with its own calculation of the gap would be through this function of rapid correction.

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