“Jedi escape” Jackie Chan a tough new height PANERAI

Recently, directed by the famous director Renny Harlin action adventure film, Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Fan Bingbing starring the Jedi fugitive “is aggressively. The film tells the story of a retired police officer with a commitment and a body as a gambler who happened to witness the murder scene of the suspect, in a foreign country began a journey of escape story. Play by Jackie Chan as lonely policeman together with gamblers staged a fierce competition, careful comparison of the users are not difficult to find, the film should also have staged watch elements, what is what a watch temperament to supporting Jackie Chan’s “tough guy” image? To find the answer from the wonderful stills!


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In the film played by Jackie Chan police in order to abide by the commitments of the companion in a moment of crisis, a strongly guarded the gold Panerai watches. Watch the huge size and tough appearance of role to the “eye dotting” role, also with Mr. Chan always manly full and courage of the screen tough guy image is quite consistent.


Appearance of the drama section of the table is luminor Marina 1950 3 days power reserve – 47 mm 3, dynamic store watches under the classic Panerai luminor 1950 series, No. PAM00423.


Watch equipped with entirely by Pei Na independent research and development of Hai Shi Nor Shah Tell watchmaking factory P.3002 movement, design intricately heritage Panerai watches the Italian simple style, inspired by the early for the Italian royal navy supply section of the table, not only has a with high brand recognition of the crown bridge design, full of retro elements loyal to the history of 47 mm case, collocation is not the special treatment of the natural leather strap and fine grinding steel buckle, stylish full.


Tough guy exclusive Pei wind, with Jackie Chan wrist, take very wonderful ah, after a glimpse of the wonderful movie at the same time, there are exquisite watch can enjoy. The police and the fox and gambler, thrilling adventure story real funny interpretation? Have not had time to watch the friend must have been moved.

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