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Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer, is also one of the world’s most famous table factory. Brand Vacheron Constantin heritage of traditional Swiss watchmaking essence, never stopped. At the same time, it is an innovation a lot of watchmaking technology, a great contribution to the watchmaking industry.


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Vacheron Constantin has a long history, has many years of experience in the tabulation, many of the classic visteon. But, “the smallest volume, best quality, highest price” has been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s factory in Geneva annual output of only 6000 tables. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records, the date of sale and movement watchcase number data, complete intact preserved in the company’s filing cabinets.


Vacheron Constantin is long watch company one of the longest history, current, 250 years of technology accumulation and give each a product rich connotation, at present its most of the mechanical watch movement have Geneva imprint.

NO.3 Audemars Pigeut

Audemars Piguet founded in 1875, is a family business. After World War II the brand positioning targeting top watch the field, at present in the ranking of the world’s top ten list ranked third, independent tabulation, movement, watchcase, watchband are made by oneself and all movement to hand inlaid. Audemars Pigeut plant is currently the annual output of more than 20 thousand.


Audemars Pigeut table of the three concepts are the three major concepts: traditional, excellence, innovation. Compared with other brands comparison, Audemars Piguet history is not very long, but the Audemars Piguet and specializes in the production of complex function and jewelry, it is with complex functional form of varieties with most, the number of the most brand, also has own jewelry.


Audemars Pigeut watch is the most classic form of the Royal Oak tree.

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