How to identify Rolex

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Rolex (Rolex) is the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. Rolex table for the initial signs of the a outstretched fingers in the palm of your hand, which represents the brand of watches is crafted by hand, and later evolved as a registered trademark of the crown. So how to identify Rolex?

First look at the appearance. Really Rolex watches from the outside look fine Rolex watchcase, strap, crown, English words clear and complete, and imitation tabulation shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially bottom of the table, gear cover, very fine and clear, bright and clean and there is a sense of three-dimensional, and replica of the rough and no three-dimensional sense, are generally more shallow.

Fake fake watches often only in the face of time. A genuine Rolex in see not see table ears also hit a crisp number, usually on the upper side of the table table types of middle ear, and the lower side of the table sheet number in the middle ear. A copy of the basic no, even if there is not enough clear and neat.

Second strokes to find a feeling. The table will be worn on the wrist, the wrist watch strap table really docile, freely, and watch strap no edges and corners, smooth not hurt. And fake watch strap is not flexible enough, not only limited wrist activity, and there is no fine polished strap sharp, even scratched hands.

A third weigh weight. I watch making expensive materials, mostly made of 18 carat gold and platinum. And the fake is a lot lighter. Some fake table will be added to the copper ring of iron or filling component parts. Such a situation requires only in a quiet place the table in the ear gently shaking, leave the table will murmur collision parts, while the real table because of tight sealing, does not appear this phenomenon.

Fourth movement. With special tools to open the table, really on the Rolex core plywood engraved with the words of Rolex, but also engraved with the organic core number and other information, the fake is not. Really fine, clear ridge movement, above the gem shine. False movement rough hair dark, there is no gem.

Fifth strokes to see the birth of paper”. The table “out of paper” paper shading clear. “Born paper” on the factory number, watch model with the table on the ear of the same time. Rolex has five numbers. They are: (1) case models, (2) watch production number, (3) movement,, (4) movement of production number, (5) strap number. After 2007, Rolex comprehensive use of plastic cards for international insurance, labor, commonly known as the birth of the card”.

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