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One is the same as the name suggests is from the inside to the outside of the same watch. Swiss watches to buy authentic brand watches actually basically does not exist, of course, does not exclude some good businessmen from Hong Kong or abroad buy on sb’s behalf, but you open Taobao to see how much does this watch as a procurement agency business, many on behalf of sb say?? many people didn’t even have to leave their city, they said do on behalf of someone to buy, how much is it? In this problem is as a sourcing agent business operation from the manufacturer to buy a than a good Swiss watches, watch box, manual, warranty card and so on some real things, the same invoice purchase from other places or to their own to do, you won’t find invoice sources?

This kind of watch is almost a imitation, but there are still different places, because many Swiss watches in addition to using plated gold and diamonds, with a genuine diamond, the cost is very high, no such domestic manufacturers. This is not the same. If it is not plated with gold, and set to see the real diamond, should not come out to check out. As a real watch can be absolutely, absolutely no one recognized. If you want to buy a watch is a Japanese brand, and then choose the Japanese movement, that is, pure imitation watches. But the use of a small number of Japanese brand watches is a Swiss movement, this is another thing.


Fine imitation than a wristwatch material and brand watch is the same as that used in 316 stainless steel, stainless steel, tans, electroplating gold, imported calfskin and even crocodile skin also there, and so on, electroplating relatively delicate, grinding of the case and strap is exquisite, work has been a Swiss watch is tantamount to the poor.

Fine imitation watches imported from Switzerland, Switzerland (some) movement performance is very good. Counter check may not distinguish between true and false. The price of this kind of machine is generally in the 2500 – 1900 or so, quartz watch in 1000 – 1500. Part of the process is more complex prices may be higher.

Also, I wear a than a fine imitation watches have been for more than two years, talk about my a pair of than a watch, I think a than a watch and ordinary high imitation watches are not the same, before buying a 850 yuan high imitation Rolex watches me is the choice of goods to the payment of the goods to the unpacking inspection of goods is very delicate a imitation goods, almost flawless, and satisfaction of the sign, but a month later problems attendant, I to now also couldn’t understand the watch is what reason do not go, the second hand and an hour hand was shaking… I’m speechless, really very has no language, this how to wear out? It is a disgrace. Find the businesses also ignore, finally I forget bad luck, bad Lao Tzu.


Immediately after a period of years I inadvertently into a table imitation, on the market commonly known as “a watch”, was listening to quite ignorant of, anyway when I of high imitation watches is desperate, although the price is cheap, but I don’t buy, in front of friends I really lift head. But curiosity is often like a burning fire, I will search for some of the relevant one than one watch Baidu. Such as a Longines watches, a Rolex, a omega and so on is the fire watch market, when the price of a watch is very expensive, about two thousand or even higher, I think do quality work will than high imitation watches are much better? Of course, I still do not want to buy, watch this thing to buy a good table happy every day, to meet the kind of dynamic and do not move the rotten table I am very desperate.


Later, I do not know is fate or hit must wear imitation watch this stuff haha, that year my birthday my friends know I like Rolex watches of the brand, can afford to buy genuine really not those of us ordinary people watch, so my friends on the Internet purchased a block to send me ha ha (really very grateful to him, although imitation, but still very happy, thank!) And a ratio of a watch than high imitation watches the package to a lot of high-end, table boxes, invoice everything complete. That night, under lights illuminate, glittering Rolex Oyster Perpetual Gold 18k gold watch shining bright ha ha.

My evaluation of a one – to – one watch is that you are satisfied with the work (as long as you are the common people), and the appearance of the luster is very good. Although it is still not able to buy the Rolex brand, but one day I can be, Rolex loyal fans. But I don’t give up on the technology and study of one more than one watch before buying a genuine one.

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