A new generation of OMEGA in Japan to meet the series of ocean deep sea of the universe black watch

Yokohama international passenger terminal adjacent to Tokyo, from all over the world, the giant cruise ships docked in this. However in Omega new marine universe series wrist watch the launch event, the attention of the guests was more suitable for living beneath the waves of the timepiece attracted.


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Omega product development and customer service vice president Jean Claude Monachon; musician / singer Saori Oki and tortoise Matsumoto; Omega brand director, Swatch Group Corporation in Japan, and on behalf of the board of directors Christophe Savioz


A new generation of marine cosmic sea of the black “watch the convergence of the two diving and GMT function, is the focus of Yokohama Zhanqiao. “Deep black” watch is new cosmic sea the stars of the series products, the application of a variety of innovative materials, including ceramic, rubber, LiquidMetal?, 18K Sedna? Gold and omega Ceragold?


“The sea of black watch after the industry’s highest level of certification to attain the observatory to withstand high amounts to 15000 Gauss’s powerful magnetic field. The next few months, a new generation of watches will be listed for sale in the OMEGA boutique.

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