Aaron Kwok Eddie Peng wearing Longines Biao play the same screen

Eddie Peng at the peak of the film. The chills 2 plot immediately first launched, in the film, played by Aaron Kwok’s police commissioner Liu jiehui once again caught in the center of the storm, a gold Longines table classic engraved 1973 series of pillow shaped chronograph is always accompany Sir Liu heroic challenge. Eddie, played a high IQ villain Li Jiajun, behind his forces gradually surfaced, within the Hong Kong police power game is becoming more and more nervous.

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In the “chill” series of films, superb acting actor Aaron Kwok reproduction. Longines more with the decade of elegant Ambassador inseparable together, whether it is stormy scenes, or a gun battle of operatic, a gold classic engraved 1973 series of pillow shaped Chronograph always linger Lau Sir wrist. The gold “nengwennengwu” pincushion engraved watch, Longines table production in 1973 a antique watch is modeled, equipped with Longines exclusive guide pillar round chronograph movement, both retro and modern texture. Very identification of appearance can match capable of business suits, uniforms for valiant, and Aaron in the film senior police image can be said to complement each other.

As a villain Eddie Peng, outstanding performance in the first part, acting by. In “chill”. Eddie’s Xifen rise sharply, not only from the prison managed to escape, together forces behind affects the new war. Longines is accompanied by the elegant image ambassador pitched drama off screen, from the studio of the gun to play, to the press conference and elegant appearance, a touch from in Kang Platinum Series wrist chronometer seems to have become Eddie “standard”. Kang Platinum Series chronograph watch, stainless steel material case presenting elegant yet tough style, and adapter business and sports venues. Deep black dial is more reminiscent of Eddie Peng in “the headstall as” chills and cold image.

Two Longines table elegant Ambassador with screen Biao play, in the play is buffeting the life and death of the opponent, in the movie but for film effort to go. As Eddie practicing gymnastics, boxing, cycling skills and for the interpretation of the role of the internally and externally, such as Aaron Kwok aspirations awards the on-the-spot speech: “I don’t want how to reach the peak of perfection, just want to make a good actor.” Pouring time, by the dream forward, this is their elegant attitude.

Longines classic engraved pillow series 1973 speed chronograph

Fusion of history, tradition and sophisticated technology, Longines classic engraved 1973 pincushion speed timing stopwatch (Longines heritage 1973) design is to Longines table in 1973, the production of a watch is modeled. The diameter is 40 mm, pillow shaped stainless steel case is equipped with the exclusive Longines L688 movement. Silver dial in between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock position set a date window, and 6 o’clock position of the 12 hour time disc, and two black timing disk: 30 minutes timing disk is arranged at the 3 o’clock position, small seconds disc is positioned at the 9 o’clock position. Dial 9 Decal hour scale ornamented with black thin lines are all coated with Super-LumiNova luminous coating dots; minutes is also decorated with a black thin lines. Add blue tachymeter scale subtle color effect for watch. This table is a collocation black crocodile leather watchband.

Longines sport Platinum Series Chronograph Watch

As many of the world’s most prestigious flat racing sports partners, Longines has been working to launch a in the racing field on the best racing debut time wearing the watch. This Chronograph 41 mm diameter stainless steel case and bracelet, built-in L688 column wheel movement. Black dial is carved with an Arabic numeral dial and 11 luminous small scale, display, and 9 when the position of the small second hand, 30 minutes total dial located at the 3 o’clock position, 12 hours cumulative dial located at 6 position, date display window is arranged on the 4:30 position. As with the Kang platinum series all watches, this watch is water resistant to 5 atmospheric pressure, spiral surface with sapphire crystal.

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