Fantasy from the sky, Jonny Tonda 1950 super slim Tuo flywheel (Figure)

Jonny Palmer, an annual output of only several thousand, founded only 20 years, has attracted the audience’s favor watch. The Parmigiani’s story, I think many senior table friends are familiar with, its founder, Mr. Nirupama Jonny to repair antique clock started, thanks to the Sandoz family fund will support and in 1996 founded Parmigiani fleurier brand, began making finished watches. In recent years was solemnly launched a series of TONDA 1950 to watch, not only is the classic Parmigiani Dress watch, even looking at the watch market, but also rare advanced products. Today, with everyone together to enjoy this year Parmigiani launched a tourbillon watch — TONDA 1950 ultra-thin Tourbillon models PFH279-1067000-HA3141.


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Gold star stone evokes a fantasy
Star, in most people’s impression, it is a very beautiful and romantic vocabulary. Numerous tabs and brands, from a very early start, then the sky as a source of inspiration for the tab, the true strength of the brand logo is from the sky. After 2015, Parmigiani launched 5 tonda 1950 ultra-thin Tourbillon watch, 2016 sihh, Parmigiani on this basis, added a very interesting to watch, and was named as the “GLAXY”, the brand of “galaxy”. In my opinion, it not called “stars”.


TONDA last year of 1950 by mother of Pearl and meteorites and other special materials, and this year, Parmigiani artists use sand stone production of the dial, and dial dotted white small debris, combined with sand stone itself with impurities, thus forming irregular texture, in different angles of light source, mapping out the little Banlan, like exposure to bright galaxy.
The world’s most thin pearl Tuo Tuo flywheel movement
When the super thin has become a theme of the senior watch, for the ultimate pursuit of ultra-thin – the world’s most thin will never stop. Ultrathin automatic Tourbillon lead may be Audemars Piguet, launched in the late 1980s a tourbillon. Since then, ultra-thin automatic Tourbillon gradually into people’s vision. Why ultra-thin automatic Tuo flywheel will be praised, the reason is that this is actually a paradox. Tourbillon since ancient times would not be thin, because its structure is vertical construction, and is not level, and adding a frame, the inevitable than just using the structure of the balance wheel to some thick. In addition, the automatic chain system is the first increase in the bottom plate of the automatic chain system to achieve, so it is also an increase in the thickness of the structure.


Therefore, it is necessary to increase the thickness of these two structures, as far as possible to make thin, it is necessary to make adjustments. Jonny Nirupama for these two points, made a few more representative changes. First, use pearl Tuo chain structure, can avoid the gear splint superimposed on the chain system can reduce a layer on the chain wheel, of course, the original gear train travel to abdicate. Nirupama Jonny pearl drag on chain system directly placed on the main plate, again reducing automatic chain gear up thickness. In order to let the chain also have the same efficiency, this pearl Tuo use 950 platinum materials production.


Secondly, in the part of the Tuo flywheel, the use of the fly off the upper splint flying Tuo flywheel, the benefit is to reduce a layer of plywood. However, less a fixed structure, it is bound to have an impact on the stability of the flywheel, at this time, Jonny Nirupama made second changes – the bottom of the fixed axis to switch to the ball bearing. If you have seen the author to write articles on ball bearings, should understand the benefits of a ball bearing, is that it is not only the need of lubrication, the key is can be the perfect support upper gear train, than a jewel bearing of single point support to a solid. In addition, the optimization of movement structure and mechanism of PF517, the use of only 3.4 mm thickness watch.
The world’s lightest frame


Tourbillon is a consumption of kinetic energy watches device, because a watch is not only to balance charge, but also an additional driving Tourbillon framework, and the weight of the tourbillon framework has become a problem. Parmigiani this medal Tourbillon framework in making use of titanium metal and its weight is only 0.255g, is the world’s lightest Tourbillon framework and take can reduce the energy loss of the tourbillon, so watch keep 42 hours maximum kinetic energy storage.
Eccentric Tuo flywheel design
Of course, tonda 1950 Tourbillon watch so friends attention a design table is its 6 o’clock to 8 o’clock position Tourbillon window. This completely eccentric design, it is often to break the rules, challenge the traditional impression. Of course, this is not the idea of Jonny Nirupama conceived out of the design, it is placed in this position, in order to commemorate the birth of Mr. Jonny Nirupama time, 7 points 08 points.
Summary: the gold watch has a very elegant and delicate appearance, a very beautiful, displayed through the sand stone star dial, also aroused people infinite daydream. Watch with Parmigiani superb tabulation process, to break through the limit, making super thin Tuo flywheel automatic winding movement become the world watches a medal outstanding works. However, most people may want to regret, the watch is limited only 5, equivalent to advanced customization.

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