The Qixi Festival memoris Scarlett: Audemars Pigeut time selection

All over the sky, the stars are always for the master to solve the mystery of time to provide a steady stream of inspiration and inspiration. Tanabata Festival and to, from the stars legend opened this romantic Valentine’s day in China, a midsummer night, hold hand, looking up at the night sky and the Milky way, Audemars Piguet at such a wonderful moment selection original timepiece, expression associated in pairs romantic Xingyuan, presenting the beauty of art, architecture and Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium Series for you, and elegant and rich details with symbolize completeness of Jules Audemars series.

Audemars Pigeut Millennium Series: art


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Audemars Pigeut Millenary Millennium Series was born in 1995, designed to meet the Millennium millennium. In more than 20 years of development, transverse oval watchcase and the shape of exclusive design of elliptical movement become the series of unique design features. In 2016, Audemars Piguet launched a new millennium series of hollow watch to senior tabulation process, showing the beauty of the transparent dial and movement: continuation of the hollow handle of eccentric dial radial Roman numerals time scale of classic design, calibre 4105 automatic chain produced in the core, a total of 148 can only be done by hand angle polishing; innovative structural design, can greatly reduce the power loss of movement transmission system, make the 4105 calibre movement in the single driven by a box can be guaranteed with a minimum of 60 hours of power reserve. Millennium Series Ladies Watch echoes the continuous change of women’s life style, interpretation of the wearer to break the conventional eclectic, unique personality. Watch with the beauty of architecture structure as a design inspiration, senior tabulation process and precious stones inlaid ingenious combination of, the achievement of the Millennium Series Ladies Watch unique style.

Double circles: Jules Audemars series
The Audemars Pigeut Audemars Jules series is named after LouisAudemars Jules, one of the founders of the brand, which represents the art and tradition of the brand’s hundred years of inheritance. Elegant and round case, full details of the dial, inspiration and resonance excitation of the people inside. Jules Audemars series automatic timepiece by 39 mm 18k rose gold case, table inlaid circle 72 teeth round diamonds, silver dial inner ring with exquisite diamond grain decoration, diamond calibration and form a perfect circle echo. Jules Audemars series small second hand ladies watch with 33 mm of compact size and ultra-thin design meet the modern women’s wear demand, smooth lines of the case, full details of the dial design, passing generation of women’s capable, more full of a delicate and soft. Ladies Watch R & D calibre 3090 manual chain produced core thickness of only 280 mm, all components were decorated with hand, chamfering and polishing treatment of the bridge splint outline bright beautiful arc.



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