Schaffhausen IWC universal table holiday season is particularly recommended (Figure)

Mediterranean summer early autumn, the most beautiful time. The sea breeze caresses, cruise on the first ray of dawn, sunset under the shadow of the harbor, became the everyone in the hearts of the most pleasant Italian style. Here, we are all the time traveler, constantly met, farewell; we are very important to some people, we are willing to stay. From all the kingdoms of the IWC Schaffhausen table with rich meaning type amorous feelings of the Portofino watch series, with you together recorded down in the heart of this meeting and stay.

Protofino, known as one of the world’s most beautiful town. In 1950s and 1960s star studded, near the coast of Liguria, small and exquisite, full of poetic Town, movie stars found in one. Humphrey? Bogart (Humphrey Bogart), Lauren? Bacall (Lauren? Bacall), Richard? Burton (Richard Burton) and Elizabeth? Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) this walk hand in hand, leisurely talk. These beautiful name gives more protofino more classic and elegant color. Inadvertently floating in the ear of the meaning of the song, as if to bring people into the United States had a choking age.


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In 1984, the IWC Wanguo table to the Ligurian coast near the town of inspired launched a Portofino watch series, show Mediterranean leisurely atmosphere of life, such as the Mediterranean coastline like duration, and the growth of love, love in the hour before the dawn, love in the sunset, love in the midnight before the arrival of. In this holiday and love of the season, the IWC Wanguo table portrait Zhen selection of paragraph 6 of the Portofino watch series, is simple and clear, timeless elegance of design language presented Mediterranean life sentiment, the communication between friends and love people the most sincere heart.


before sunrise
These two Portofino watch series is noble and subtle and beautiful simplicity of a match made in heaven, like the dawn of love, low-key and romantic. Portofino chronograph watch (model: IW391009), 42 mm diameter dial, stainless steel case with restrained meaningful temperament and precision technology perfect set in a body, vividly reflects the gentleman poise. And match the Portofino automatic watch 37 (model: IW458110) popular three pointer with diameter 37 mm dial concise clear, coupled with a bright shine on people’s stainless steel case, like the morning’s first ray of dawn circulation in the wrist.


Love in the sunset at dusk
These two Portofino watch with red material, like sunset, and calm atmosphere and sustenance of the love world meaningful commitments. Portofino automatic watch (model: IW356504) diameter 40 mm of the bottom of the dial engraved delicate patterns, fino Portofino harbor views all eyes. Portofino automatic watch 37 (model: IW458105) with silver plated dial and orange alligator strap opens up a refreshing temperament. Dial with 12 diamond, shine.


Before Midnight
The two Portofino watch as midnight love, deep and mysterious, and blue dial like lovers under the stars have a strong admiration for each other, and whisper affection. Portofino manually on the chain of eight days power reserve watch (model) IW510106 in subtle ways in the diameter of 45 mm dial bottom cover engraved watch Portofino words, once again stressed the IWC Ligurian coast between the small village and close contact. Blue dial with charm Portofino automatic watch 37 (model: IW458111) watches and the same color crocodile leather strap, people can not help but think of the charming scenery of the Ligurian Sea. Table 66 diamond ring inlaid in the night sky, like stars in the bright light.
IWC universal table
The famous Swiss watchmaker IWC IWC focus on technology and R & D, since 1868 the creation of lasting value watch. Companies eager to pursue innovative technology and original technology, has won wide acclaim in the international. As a professional luxury watch the field of the world one of the leading brands, IWC Wanguo table combines unparalleled precision performance and unique design, building reflects the highest level of senior tabulation art model. With the environmental awareness and sense of social responsibility of company as a, IWC actively promote sustainable production and in the worldwide support children and youth organizations, and maintained close relations of cooperation and climate and the environmental protection agency.

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