The world record breaking six ultra thin (Figure)

1 the world is now producing ultra-thin mechanical watch Squelette Watch – Jaeger Le Coulter Master thin
Jaeger Le Coulter Master ultra-thin Squelette watch is a purely technical achievement. It broke the previous world record by the thinnest mechanical watches 0.05 mm advantage this is only a hair thickness. You can take it as a mechanical movement between two layers of sapphire crystal.
Jaeger LeCoultre introduced in 2015 master ultrathin Squelette watch, world record is in count hand (ultra-thin watches is their logo) – the altiplano 900p. This watch is 3.65 mm thick. However, ultra-thin Squelette watch in structure is quite unique, sapphire bottom cover as the core of the mainframe board by such a solution can be dug out space, and the needle away from the center position to prevent overlapping some gear. Prior to this, JLC is the thinnest watch Master 1907 thin (4.05 mm THIN). World record master ultrathin Squelette watch 360 mm, in fact is hollowed out version of this watch…. therefore, it is the world’s most thin hollow watches and the world’s thinnest stencil movement.
2 of the world’s thinnest Chronograph – count Altiplano flyback chronograph
The count in the thinnest Chronograph to return to the battle of slim record. This is the world’s thinnest chronograph, and a chronograph movement of the world’s thinnest. The size of the watch itself is 8.24 mm in height… It looks quite thick compared to the previous watch. However, you have to take into account the uniqueness of the time table. First, it has a few small dial pointer, central pointer to cross from the other pointer, which means considering oneself of time needle, equal to 4 layer pointer stack in the dial. Then chronograph movement has unique timing mechanism stacked on top of the regular movement, which means that the lever, gear, guide column wheel, clutch and a push rod mechanism… And even these components are integrated to the movement, rather than as a module attached to the above, it needs more space.


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Count to achieve the guide wheel movement is only 4.65 mm thick. And most important, is also provided with a fly back mechanism, vertical clutch (this is fairly thick) and a double after needle chronograph function, and has 50 hours of power reserve – ultra-thin movement is really not bad.
3 of the world’s thinnest Tourbillon movement – Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon
In recent years, N brands competing for the world’s thinnest tourbillon title. 2013 and Jarno was introduced UTTE, at that time is the most thin manually on the chain tourbillon, 8.34 millimeters case thickness, core thickness for 297 mm. Then, in 2014, Breguet launched classique Tourbillon ultra-thin automatic watch 5377, watchcase thick is only 7mm, and center Tourbillon automatic winding movement.


Finally, in 2015, Bvlgari launched the Finissimo Octo Tuo flywheel. Since movement only 1.95 mm thick, case only 5mm thick of (which is still considerable). This is not the history of the thinnest Tourbillon watches. Its characteristics are the thin top of the flywheel movement, which is currently available on the market, the actual use of the most thin Tuo flywheel watch.

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