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People veliger written Seamaster, with “genuine Seamaster are literally two species, in addition to the words, can not find any a similar design, not to mention the style and temperament. Shell strange, strange head, strange buckle, strange face, even LOGO, are so strange.
Total felling recent provoke a different degree look strange, strange, in the end is my dress too decent, or my body is too charming?
This kind of situation makes people very depressed, because you do not know how to improve the.


Replica Omega

Is that such a figure, such a dress?
Due I desperately conduct self-criticism, a small partner timidly asked a sentence: “elder brother, it is true, false?”
As a result, it is natural that I have changed the world view gently.
Really ignorant of the fearless, even a little reverse thinking is not. This year, do not believe any fake, whenever someone says his stuff is fake, often is really. But, I’m not qualified infiltrates during the day wearing a JB (fake) in the evening for PP (Patek Philippe Patek Philippe) that group.


So special a OMEGA, you can judge it true or false?
But, this is really a real table that really doesn’t really seem like a real watch. Because in the brand directory, there is no table, not even a bit like the elements.
People veliger written Seamaster, with “genuine Seamaster are literally two species, in addition to the words, can not find any a similar design, not to mention the style and temperament. Shell strange, strange head, strange buckle, strange face, even LOGO, are so strange.


Even the feeling of the head is strange
As if only three root pointers, are also stubborn to prove it’s life experience, at least I in the army in the cottage, haven’t seen so perfect process. If complete accessories and exquisite packaging or not dispel your doubts, then maybe you should meet some of its ancestors.


Only three hands, still stubbornly prove this gold life table
In 1956, Omega is to the 16th Games held in Melbourne will pay tribute, and to commemorate the brand in 1957 become Olympic Games specify the timing of the 25th anniversary of the anniversary, launched the dingdingdaming the Seamaster XVI (hippocampus 16) to commemorate the table section. The collectors are keen on the hippocampus 16 has a very distinct characteristics, Qu ears case, unique “Olympics”, creamy facial disc (disk), facial disc on solid gold XVI words, special stereo gold small flies word, back cover of the Olympic cross of merit for three-dimensional relief, and Cal.471 movement. It has a Golden Torch printed rings badge in the disk special version, reportedly made only 100. Different from general antique Omega, the most well-known of the hippocampus 16 with translucent creamy facial disc, texture similar to enamel, is said to be similar to that used in the process of Chinese lacquer, porcelain, lacquer beautiful is easily chapped, surviving beauty products does not see more. Although the table size only the current Damen general 34mm, but it still does not prevent the market blitz.


The Seamaster Seamaster XVI (hippocampus ancestors: 16)
That’s right. This is a duplicate table. It is the prototype of the 1956 the Seamaster XVI, but now it has become a Seamaster XXIX, romaji XXIX 29 — it is the 29th Olympic Games and the students, the Beijing 2008. This is a session associated with the Chinese Olympic. Omega to commemorate the Olympic Games in Beijing launched a series of limited edition watches, the most special is the daily limit of the Seamaster XXIX, brand said since the opening of the Olympic Games of 2008 August 8 to August 24 closing and daily limited production of 88, the theory on the total number of should is 1496. Actually this limited for most brands no limited meaning, simply to sell so many, and this watch. I doubt Omega didn’t make that much, perhaps is the official pricing 88800 yuan of daunting may be retro design let people find north, since listing, market of second-hand circulation rarely, so for years I met lineup on the only.


Watch the details of the dial to the original copy of the complex
I vaguely remember that the major mainstream watch media have mentioned this table, but also gave a high evaluation. But over the years, whether it is a network or a newspaper, I have not even seen a physical map. I do not know whether it is because it doesn’t sell well in those days, buyers or sellers. Just in a gathering of friends achieved initial hosting the games, appropriate size, full of classical taste, never started has been deeply for fascinated. Accidentally see and then sold on the Internet, then hurry to say hello, did not expect to have been exceedingly sorry seckill. Inferred that no edge, who bought the main reason to sell a few used, among them it, call timing simply do not talk about the price, this time just let my income in the capsule.


Original belt made a non – stitch retro design, it is completely
Obviously, this is a great tone Omega. Some people say this is by far the most complete Omega, I do not have any objection. For this watch, Omega has used the shell type for decades. Old Europe, shell type, my impression of Qu ears more than UI, although UI is more sought after, but I love song Erping circle efforts sense. So-called Qu ears is collectively to Europe this unique shell type, its most notable feature is the table ear, ear in the middle of the table to form a downward adduction of sharp angular, remove and bezel connection surface is not, each table ear form a very complex body of 11, this type of shell, the processing difficulty is very high, since ancient times, also omega and PP do is almost a unique European home of a shell type. Curved ears sharp lines, with a little polish will be curved edges and corners of lost, ear is not common good antique European world.


This particular shell type, the table is a major feature of the ear
In addition to the case, this watch also has almost all the elements of antique table. High arched watch, it is no longer easy to scratch the sapphire material instead of acrylic. Ivory dial for low temperature enamel. With the hippocampus 16 of the luxury configuration, the scale of the disk, the pointer and LOGO are made of gold. The Olympic table full angle and angle, is the most sensitive and strong reaction to light. Facetted small flies word, spirit club better toffee needle, the original three-dimensional logo, unique Olympics with bezel, table ears chamfer of light and shade staggered, even if under the weak light, still shine.


The scale, the pointer and the LOGO on the surface of the disk are made of gold.
Turn to the back, familiar with the Beijing Olympic emblem printed into the eye, polished and the polished on the background of guilloche shine and the numbers of peripheral tells us, this is August 17, 2008, the production of 88 of the 85. As compared to the hippocampus 16, this watch is the biggest change in movement, 2403 replaced the 4712403 may make people feel strange, but mention 2500 believe Wurenbuxiao, simply say that it is a core of 2500 calendar version, the exclusive Omega coaxial escapement device. 1999 Master George Daniels and Omega together to develop the introduction of coaxial escapement system can be said for the invention of the century, coaxial escapement to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear on the outstanding performance, has now spread to the brand of the table section, early products have steal to stop that, but luckily I did not come across, at least this watch in the hands of a month showed very good chain efficiency and stability, you know, I am a Rolex (Rolex) worn on the hand are often stop and go.


The surface of the Beijing Olympic Games emblem engraved, signifying its commemorative value
Such as if perfect hippocampus 16 have a trace of regret, that only is 34mm diameter. After all, it is very difficult to accept modern size, apparently brand saw the this point, in the Seamaster XXIX restraint increases the 3mm, which is that table fans cheering. This table of the original belt also made a non suture retro design, it is completely. I have a confession of proud apricot ostrich leather watchband, night wear, reluctant to take off. Get started one month, 3 seconds, it is not only perfect to inherit the Olympic table of the air, but also has a perfect performance, did not live up to my expectations and wait for many years.


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