Rolex “lost” and “ghosts” dispute


Since you want to say that Rolex diving table, especially Sea-Dweller that is not around the past Comex. A little introduction, Comex first company, followed by a unique Rolex diving table series. Comex is founded in the last century 60’s a super cow’s seabed operations in France, just when he was Rolex’s CEOAndreHeiniger on the deep sea diving is very interested in cooperation with Comex launched. Form of cooperation is the Rolex Replica free for Comex company provides diving table, Comex divers will for the Rolex provide these watches under the real environment of the performance analysis of data, so each Comex are true under the sea. Rolex would in these marine visitors dial printed Comex to show the difference between the market public offering of styles, and the specials on the Comex division of the company’s diving table is Rolex submariner with Sea-Dweller, is, we usually say “Kelpie” and “ghost”.


It can be said that the Rolex dive in with Comex company cooperation to a new height, so specific to the “Kelpie” and “ghost” two series is somewhat different. The Rolex “Kelpie” and “ghost” from different origins, Rolex “Kelpie” produced in 1953, the launch be completely laid the Rolex table in the diving hall position, before the experimental styles and sent it to the Comex Company experimental diving has the Rolex mature diving table styles can say “Kelpie” has long been famous. So if only from the point of view of time sooner or later, in 1967 to D-Will “ghost” is “Kelpie” the younger generations, but the birth of the “ghost” time node is the key – 1967. In 1967 Rolex come up with “ghost” is Rolex has just decided to Comex company cooperation time node, so “Rolex” ghost is actually a truly practical to emulate the diving tool nature of the watch and the first batch of “ghost” is actually sent to the Comex company was used to analyze the data. No doubt to the Comex company, “ghost” is Comex’s direct descendant, “water monster” Comex as a concubine. And after the Rolex and Comex company cooperation, dive table design and production must be subject to the influence of Comex styles diving data, so only from the actual professional diving performance, as Comex company legitimate “ghost” is certainly better than “Kelpie”. From the point of view of the iconic is waterproof to a depth of, “Kelpie” development has waterproof to a depth of 300 meters, “ghost” after 2000 4000 upgrade, has reached the 1220 meters water depth, and “ghost” Ref.1166600 is king of kings and the waterproof to a depth reached 3900 meters.


Then the “Kelpie” with “ghosts” compared are not dominant? But not necessarily, practical in many table friends were “Kelpie” and “ghost” choice more will choose “Kelpie”. The reason is very simple, “” no “Kelpie” wearing beautiful. First of all there is no Rolex logo “bubble” with “ghost”, second “ghost” diameter is too large, too thick, in 2014 new “ghost” before the launch, “ghost” diameter of Ref.116660 is 44 mM, than the 40 mm “Kelpie” big 4 mm, and because of the unique “ghost” helium valve, the characteristics of its large and thick let it and the habit of wearing our viewpoints are in conflict, color variety, 40 mm diameter suitable “Kelpie” and therefore more affected by Rolex submariner fans welcome.
But in the Rolex submariner in history, “ghost” and “Kelpie” can be said to be comparable, “ghost” or even be superior to, the source at two points, one is the proper size, another is diving function was significantly better than “Kelpie”.
Some say that when the “ghost” case in practice is “Kelpie” case, so “ghost” from initial design to the development process of three model Ref.1665, Ref.16660 and Ref.16600, waterproof to a depth although increased from 2000 feet to 40 feet, but diameter keep was very good, and “Kelpie” same diameter of 40 mm, so that the “ghosts” most of the time are slim, but 2008 launch of the “ghost” in “ghost” Ref.116660 was too aggressive, can say is to achieve a Rolex watches the diameter of the maximum limit of 44 mM, only this one case only.


From the point of view of the performance, the “ghost” is built in the Rolex Comex company with strong cooperation, so generous Rolex will many new technologies are applied to the “ghost”. So although the diameter of the “ghost” and “Kelpie” similar, but their thickness is not the same, the thinnest of “ghost” Ref.16660 thickness is 15 mm, the same is the thickness and the thickness of the Kelpie Ref.6538, and the thinnest “Kelpie” but 13 mm. Part of the reason for this is that the “ghost” was born comes with helium valve, on the market with helium valve “Kelpie” can not, Comex company to get “Kelpie” will with helium valve. Was first sent to Comex company deep-sea test types, Rolex is also the first batch of Comex, launched in collaboration with helium valve diving table, “ghost” was born when Rolex helium valve technology has been formed, “Kelpie” Ref.5513, “ghost” Ref.1665 would have started using helium valve design.
Fried bubble feel let it Ref.116660 launched in 2008 and today we are on the market can see the “ghost” is the name is “king of kings”, because the water depth is the “ghost” in the deepest, reached 3900 meters, but as a professional diving table powerful at the same time also caused the watch diameter is too large, watchcase thick problem, the 44 mM in diameter in the Rolex watch family is very conspicuous, case thickness part table friends wear effect is poor, and there is no Rolex logo of mirror, which makes the and in recent years in table circle of friends in Vietnam more hot “Kelpie” very difficult on an equal footing. Year launch Rolex Ref.116660 “ghost” absolutely shocking, but after years of sales obvious still can not achieve the Kelpie in diving watches on the market performance of the hot


“Frogman” and “ghost” is a matter of opinion, and, of course waterproof depth of “ghost” Ref.166600 professional the domineering, but its large surface diameter, thick case is not the ordinary people to handle, in order to ensure the professional waterproof to a depth of cancel bubble mirror design also makes like clean disk to deep love. And “Kelpie” dark green and colorful colorful, table size suitable for Chinese people to wear, also calendar styles and Rolex logo bubbles mirror. See that Rolex the two diving table series of positioning from the “ghost” and “Kelpie” table mirror thickness comparison can be, “ghost” table mirror significantly than “Kelpie” table mirror thick many of, which can be seen “ghost” is the diving watch the superior performance of this kind of professional tools essential to the extreme, and “Kelpie” is in order to ensure the performance of professional diving table under the premise which is more suitable for everyday wear, the more provocative. Is not a “ghost” just blindly to the direction of professional tools close, 2014 Rolex launched the new “ghost” will break this kind of situation, it launched certainly will challenge the current status of the “Kelpie” in a certain extent, it also makes the choice of “ghost” and “Kelpie” more difficult trade-offs.
The new “ghost” is a compromise?


New “ghost” is in 2014 Basel watch show launched the new ocean messenger 4000 diameter finally returned to the Rolex submariner 40 mm diameter of mainstream among, this also let many Rolex table fans shine at the moment, but there are also part of the Rolex table fans immediately began to carefully taste the taste of the new “ghost”, even come to such a conclusion: with respect to “Kelpie”, the new “ghost” is the “ghost” series of compromise, really so??


From the point of view of the diameter of the most intuitive watch seems to be such, because return to 40 mm in diameter on the new “ghost” can be a most beloved professional diving table “ghost” regression. On the wear resistance, minus the 4 mm after immediate effect, like ghosts, and suffer from wrist can not afford to support the old “ghost” of friends can choose it. Diameter can improve tool positioning in diving watchcase in 44 mM of the old “ghost” a certain angle is Rolex table wind blowing strongly when a kind of attitude, and simple small core with a big table is meaningless, Rolex is certainly not simple the 3135 movement on the large diameter, the old “ghost king” came into being, since the “ghost” in the Rolex series is the professional diving watches, don’t do two endlessly, simply the waterproof performance to the limit, so that movement performance although has not changed, and watch the thickness and the diameter is bigger, a Rolex watch was born. Can be said that the “old” ghost is Rolex exploration of large surface beauty products, and regression of the “ghost” of 4000 feet water depth, can not simply think is eclectic, should be deemed to be a “ghost” Ref.116660 true.
Introduction of a new generation of “ghost” in fact, it can be said is the Rolex late gift, for example, word ceramic ring in other sports, Rolex table styles have been used the, “ghost” is finally a, most styles of high-end Rolex movement are already using the CIS magnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, “ghost” also behind the, so that this year the new “ghost” and not compromise is a genuine Rolex “ghost” new generation master, not to buy will loss.

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