Rolex how many secrets?

What are the secrets of Rolex?

Rolex watches have to understand, or read watch tribe many of the original contents of the table friends will know, Replica Rolex Watches is the most classic three invention is known to waterproof oyster (oyster) structure, revolutionary automatic perpetual Tourbillon achievement (perpetual) is a classic, and dial display date window “big eyes” (DATEJUST), cousin that the three inventions laid Rolex watchmaking industry legend status in.


Figure: interesting is that today, almost every Rolex is oyster, perpetual, DATEJUST…

Rolex also what unknown secret?

一. Rolex because of tariffs to Switzerland

If Rolex’s founder, Wells Dov, is a German, why do you want to set up a factory in Switzerland?” I guess there must be a lot of friends would say, because the Swiss have rich culture of watchmaking, watchmaking industry complete industry chain, Switzerland from Germany, very close and so on, these are all plausible at first glance, in fact, are not prompted Rolex table factory is located in Switzerland, the most direct reason, directly promote wilsdorf to watch factory from Britain moved to Switzerland is a British relatively high export tariffs, visible, Rolex from at the beginning of the factory is focus on the world, a country market, even a continent market bag Rolex “ambition”.


Figure: your giant (model 116769TBR-74779B.) about 475 million yuan) a Rolex, but large-scale diamond is removed, it is a oyster, perpetual, DATEJUST…

二. Rolex’s name comes from reading

Rolex is different from many traditional watchmaking brand, with the name of the founder named just three years after it changed its name until today’s “Rolex”, as mentioned, Rolex is the focus of international, Mr. wilsdorf to their own table plant named “Rolex”, exactly is because it is simple and easy to read, in order to let customers of all cultures can be easily read, this is a bit like today, my parents named their children to consider one of the most important factors in reading easy to write. Sometimes I think too, in order to let other people remember yourself a particularly complex name, also not necessarily is particularly desirable thing, because it will bring recognition of “trouble”, and the true meaning of life is “and convenient, convenient.


Graph: the amount of don’t be surprised, though generous face, I also Rolex, my name is cut lini Prince series 54419 silver watch, automatic mechanical movement, 18K platinum material, carry through, the table size 45*29 mm, waterproof 100 meters.

三. Rolex has produced quartz watch

Many friends of the table will be surprised by this fact, “Oh, my God, is this true?” “It’s not put fine timber to petty use?” “In order to make money, there is no” off the assembly line “?” In fact, we do not have so surprised, there are words I do not know who famously especially deep cousin heart “when young people choose to try new things, we should give the understanding and blessing” with open eyes, understanding and blessing may require too high, at least not “acrimony” it, you know, in the sixties of the last century, quartz watch really is a new thing, like today’s smart watch, but just try it well, why are you so harsh, moreover because production is minimal, in order to dilute expensive luxury world, they are already valuable.


Figure: once a Rolex quartz watch, model Datejust Oysterquarz 19018, 18K gold material, from the appearance can also be seen as a log type series of quartz version, do not laugh at me Oh, who did not have……

四.Rolex is the originator of the diving table

Rolex is also invented the first diving watch brands, and Blancpain fifty fathoms have appeared, but still watch the deepest diving record but by Rolex keep, outside of the Kelpie, commonly known as the classical submerged series,, Rolex and diving performance even more remarkable Deepsea series, Rolex many times on this is so simple, simple to see the name knew the meaning of it, Deepsea series waterproof to a depth of 3000 meters, a named Jacques Piccard’s hero once Rolex strap to a depth of over 3000 meters in the Mariana Trench using that magic is travel time precision. Therefore, Rolex has become a lot of fans of extreme sports equipment.


Figure: Rolex, it is found that both deepsea series 116660-98210 Disc black watch, automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel material, grade 5 titanium alloy bottom cover, 60 minutes progressive scale one-way rotate the outer ring, with anti scratch damage Cerachrom pottery word ring, platinum coated digital and scale, 44 mm diameter, waterproof 3900 meters.

五.  Rolex invented the two time zones

Don’t get me wrong, the two time zone is the natural existence, of course here refers to watch the two time zone function. Rolex as the industry benchmark brand is definitely not illusory, hundred years from its invention can be said too numerous to mention, cousin had to pick up the more classical achievement to share with you. Two time zone as the representative of the GMT series of products is also the first invention of the Rolex, as an important feature of the hair, this great invention at least convenient a lot of people often cross-border travel or travel around the world. In short, the master is a master, because he has made a lot of classic.


Figure: Rolex GMT Master II Series 116713-LN-78203 watch, automatic mechanical movement, between the gold material (18K yellow gold and stainless steel), with date display and dual time zone function, the table with a diameter of 40 mm, waterproof 100 meters.



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